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Cool Tuna Studio is no longer generally available for building web sites. However, I do answer questions.

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Slon Imperial    Conforming Collar for Noggin's Rat

M4 Victorian Vest     More Styles for M4 Victorian Vest

Art, Design, and Science Fiction

Cool Tuna Studio is Nan Fredman's ongoing work, most recently concentrating on Computer Graphic (CG) art using 3D rendering applications, mainly Poser Pro2012 and Vue Infinite as well as Photoshop and, Painter; and on story-telling in the Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction genre.

I've had this web domain in various evolutions since 1996. I'l probalby have it until I pass on. You can also find me in various places in the Cyberverse: my new 3D Noir forum, the Renderosity Poser gallery, and Twitter.

Check out my blog for art and art tutorials. I've also started bringing over some of the short illustrated story/blurbs from Renderosity and posting them there, which should be fun.

The Poser section here contains freebies designed to work in Smith-Micro's Poser application. The Gallery is (surprise!) artwork and downloadable wallpapers.

If you are looking for my hair painting tutorials, there are two: One in simple written steps, and a three-part video tutorial.

I also paint in oils and draw in pencils and ink, and have from a very young age, even though not formally schooled—my university time was spent in engineering. These days, I do web development by day, using Plone and Python in the service of Amtrak's Great American Stations project as well as the Amtrak 40th Anniversary site and Digital Archives, of which I am the web site producer as well as one of the principle writers.

Of course, thank you for visiting!

—Nan Fredman

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